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At Stewart Seeds, we’re rooted in local service. We’re committed to providing you with excellent seed performance, practical recommendations and strong relationships to help you meet your farming goals. Since our team lives and works in your areas of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, we understand exactly what you need to succeed in your specific fields.

Local Solutions. Promises Delivered.

Plot Reports

Plot Reports

See real results of how our products can improve your in-field success through our plots, FIRST Trials and other third party reports.

Agronomic Information

Aim for Success & Farm Confidently

Our Agronomy in Motion™ (AIM) program helps you farm confidently by offering practical recommendations on how to build a plan and start off strong. But it doesn't stop there. We also give you insight all year long through publications like CropFlash e-blasts and AIM Journal newsletters.

For our Community

Invested in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio

Staying involved in your community is important to us. That's because you're not just our customer — you're a member of our family.